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Is Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, TN truly haunted?

A beautiful historic cemetery with a Victorian architecture. Old Gray Cemetery is the final resting place of many prominent members of Knoxvillian History: Old Gray Cemetery is well known for another occupant, though it does not seem to be a final “resting” place for the dark shadowy figure known as the “black aggie”.  There have been a multitude of sightings of this mysterious shadow; it seems to roam at night weaving between the tombstones in the cemetery.  Several seem to think that the figure is unaware of anyone else and is simply going about its routine. Others report having been chased away by the aggressive force which protects a certain grave.

Old Gray is located just off Broadway Avenue in Knoxville. Started in 1850, Old Gray Cemetery is one of the oldest and largest graveyards in the area. It is also one of the most graceful cemeteries I’ve seen so far. Many of the markers at Old Gray are carved from marble. Marble is softer, and thus lends itself to more elaborate designs. Victorian angels—guardians of the dead—are the most common type of sculpture. Obelisks—which were popular grave monuments during the late 19th-century—are also found throughout the cemetery. So please, if you decided to investigate, respect this site.

We have visited three times; during different seasons and at differing times of the day/eve, and never have we caught anything paranormal.  We use cameras, video camcorders, digital voice recorders, and I even once took my dowsing rods.  We have taken different people on each trip, too, in hopes that maybe one of us will have the personality which draws the entity out into the open. No luck so far. But if any cemetery is haunted, this one would almost have to be by default. It is old, it is the place where many affluent people reside in death and visit in life.  Not only that, but it seems to be a favorite place for Knoxville’s homeless. In fact, I have been told a couple of homeless bodies have been found – deceased, having weathered a rough life, maybe choosing an appropriate place to die, maybe having no choice at all in where they took their last breath. Or maybe this is just a rumor, and has no basis of truth.

Note: As far as gathering paranormal evidence at this location: One person we have hunted with heard something whisper her name in this cemetery, but I wasn’t there when it happened so I am only repeating hearsay. During our last visit I thought I saw a “wisp” float across one of the paths near the bottom of the cemetery, so we hurried toward it, and never was able to identify it. I thought it appeared to be long and skinny, maybe five feet off the ground, ten-twelve feet in length. It was moving in a vertical fashion, and it was white. But could it have been a spider web? And would a spider web be visible from 100-200 ft away?

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